Types Of Modeling

High Fashion Modeling

High fashion modeling consists of mainly fashion runway shows. This is when designers hire models to wear their clothes down the runway to present them for the first time to the public. High fashion will also carry over to fashion magazine spreads, where the models will wear the coutures of designers as a form of advertisement.

There is a certain look different agencies will look for with this type of modeling. Some years they want really thin models and other years, models with curves. It's all about the look of the season and what the designers are looking for as well.

The high fashion look is usually girls with the high cheekbones, long necks and square jaws. This may change but usually girls with more of an oval shaped face will not do well in the high fashion industry. They are more fit in categories of glamour.
This part of the industry is the most competitive because it is one of the highest paid modeling positions. There is a lot of drugs and partying, and some models make the fall into that and drop out of modeling. So you have to be careful and stay straight.


  • A female model should be 14-19 years old
  • Mainstream range 5'9"-5'11"
  • Some exceptions being between 5.8"-6.0"
  • Weight needs to be between 108-130lbs, in proportion to height
  • Dress sizes 6-8
  • Desired measurements around 34B-24-34


Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling really doesn't have any requirements. They have guidelines of what different magazines want. Some like a glamour model to have a more oval face because then the model appears to be sexier, but that is the personal preference of the client or photographer. Mostly it is whatever sells. Most glamour models are at least pretty fit as they show a lot of their body.

Glamour models are models that pose in magazines like Maxim and Stuff magazine. You will see them do a lot of implied shots as well as a lot of lingerie. A lot of glamour models also participate in promotional tradeshows as well as car events.


Petite Modeling

Petite models usually work for small boutiques or stores with petite divisions. Petite models can also do makeup ads as size does not matter in those.

Height: 5.2"-5.4"
Dress Size: 2-4


Plus Size Modeling

Plus size models usually work for stores with plus size divisions. Designers are starting to do plus size runway shows because it appeals to a large part of the population, since a lot of women are a size 12 or above. A plus size model usually has broad shoulders and is big boned with beautifully classic features.

Height: 5.2"-6.1"
Dress Size: 12-14

These requirements will vary depending on the client. As well as the proportions of the model.


Teen Modeling

In this division of modeling you will most likely be doing commercial print work and catalogue; there is other work, like high fashion, if you fit the height and weight requirements, but catalogue and print work make up most of the demographic of work received in this division of modeling.

Ages 13-17


Mature Modeling

You will see a lot of mature models in print and commercial advertisements. Companies like Viagra and Bayer will tend to use mature models because that's the age group that uses their product the most.

Ages 40+


Body Part Modeling (hand, foot, neck modeling, etc.)

Body part modeling is a specialty division. You model your foot, hand, leg, neck, etc. You have to have a perfect body part; that means no veins showing, perfect nails if hand or foot, no scars, no wrinkles, it needs to be clean, without blemishes. With hand models, agencies usually look for hands with long slender fingers.

Models in this division will also follow the same path as a regular model in the terms of finding an agency, building a portfolio and comp card.


Character or "Real People" Modeling

This is also known as commercial modeling. In this part of the industry there are no requirements, just that you fit what the client is looking for. This part of the industry can include commercials, print, just about anything.


Catalogue Modeling

Catalogue modeling is very competitive because it gives models a lot of exposure; Mostly brands like Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch. Because it's so competitive, it is hard to sustain a fulltime income. Catalogue modeling is also specific to where you live, it's very regional. If you live in city where the home office of that brand is located, they will most likely use you depending on the demands of advertising and if they like your look.

There is a lot of catalogue work out there. You might be working a lot for companies like Macys, Robinsons May, etc, but it's there.

Height: 5.7"-5.8"


Showroom Modeling

Showroom modeling can be a runway show in a local boutique introducing a new collection, also could be standing and showing their clothing at a fashion party. This kind of modeling you need to have contacts with local boutiques and local fashion designers.


The clothes need to look good on you. Mosty calls for women who wear dress sizes 2-6.


Fit Modeling

This industry you are competing with a lot of fitness stars who are very particular about their body. You really have to be in GREAT shape to be in this division. Girls that's right, you got to have a totally flat stomach or forget about this division. You can't be really skinny either; you have to have muscle on you. Normally this is for very athletic boys and girls.


Height: No particular height requirement (depends on client or print publication)
Weight: One must be extremely fit and height/weight propotionate.


Promotional (Trade Show) Modeling

In promotional modeling you will go to conventions and trade shows. You will be standing at a merchant's booth greeting customers, handing out product samples and talking to them about the products. Some promotional models travel with the company at their expense from show to show. This can be a great opportunity for a beginning model as you will meet some of the directors and marketing personnel within that company, and that can lead to print work later down the road.

There are no specific requirements for this field.


Editorial (Magazine and Newspaper) Modeling

Editorial Models are the best of the best. They are the supermodels you know and love, like Tyra, Rebecca, Giselle and Cindy. They know exactly how to pose in front of a camera, and do just the right expressions for every shot. Editorial models also have the chance to be a little more creative with their work. This is something to strive for.

Women Height: 5.8 1/2"-6.0"
Women Dress: 0-5
Men Height: 5.11"-6.1"
Men Size: 32-36

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